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A Wider Horizon – now available

A Wider Horizon is available from today. To download a digital copy, please click on the link below: Download A Wider Horizon (PDF 5MB) For a copy of the printed book, please contact: Creative Arts East, 19 Griffin Court, Market Street, Wymondham NR18 0GU Tel:            01953 713390        Email:       enquiries@creativeartseast.co.uk

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A dialogue of stories

Designing the regular marvel books is always enjoyable. Visual judgements involve a different part of the mind to writing, and when something works you can see it at once (literally).   There’s a way to go, but as far as integration of words and images A Wider Horizon might be the happiest yet. Each book has…

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Books can take care of themselves

I once bought a six-volume set of Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion. It had been printed in 1717, less than fifty years after the author’s death, and when the English Civil War was as close as the Second World War is today. The leather binding had been repaired with electrical tape, so I paid just…

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A perfect delight

A delight in useless beauty is part of what makes us human. Walking down a street in Mannheim yesterday, I noticed this inscription above the entrance to a swimming pool. Could any script better evoke the ripple of water or the fluid motion of the crawl? It makes you want to go inside just to…

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A pause on the landing

The Regular Marvels idea started in 2011, with the project about West Bromwich Operatic Society that became Where We Dream. Actually, that’s not strictly accurate: I had the title before I met the brilliant people at WBOS. I wanted to do something about the undervalued parts of our cultural life and the amateur world was…

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Singing in the ambulance

Everything is Connected At the end of his hour long set in the Federation Hall last night, the singer introduced the musicians who’d accompanied him, before booming out: ‘I’m Fred Brookes and I’ve just had the most wonderful time of my life!’. That’s something to say at your 72nd birthday party, when you’ve just sung…

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Welcome to the house of fun

JOE: …small town. I suppose. You have to make your own fun.
 ANN: Everybody makes their own fun. F’you don’t make it yourself, it ain’t fun, it’s entertainment. David Mamet, State and Main, (2000) It’s night when we arrive, and the darkness is barely relieved by a few scattered street lamps and porch lights. Luckily,…