Bread and Salt

Bread and Salt is structured around a series of meetings with people who have moved to different European countries from other parts of the world, and who have continued their artistic practice in their new homes. That practice may be professional, but more typically will be being undertaken for its own sake, privately or in community contexts. One of the tensions Bread & Salt explores is how and whether people are accepted as professionals by cultures that are very different from their own.

The meetings are social, over tea, walking in a park or attending a performance. In each case, they focus on an individual story, not just of migration but of an artistic journey and how the one has supported and enabled the other.

  • How did artistic talent emerge and flourish? How is art changed by its new context?
  • Is practice valued or rejected, easier or more difficult in this new environment?
  • And, above all perhaps, how does art empower a person to define themselves rather than simply be a subject of other, possible hostile, description?

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