Mapping the journeys

This is my favourite. This is the last one I did and it just works so well. You gave me a book of a Russian artist. Well, this box is from that book. I always loved that box. On this side, this map was sent to me by a guy I worked with, but it actually becomes a sail. It’s sailing, it’s floating. I kept my passport – ‘immigration’, blahblahblah, whatever – so I just put in the ‘migration’. And this is map of Bermuda, well, round Bermuda. There’s the Queen, that I worked on, of course; I went for the old-fashioned three funnel ‘cause the Queen was one funnel but I loved the old style with three funnels. And this is an old map of a city – I think it’s a fictional city with unusual names. I just loved the idea of it floating on this sail. I put this fish in here and this map becomes Africa: look at that – I didn’t see that before.

Bill Ming, 27 May 2012

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