Talking it over

This evening I’ll be speaking about Regular Marvels in Lyon (France), for my old friends at Banlieues d’Europe. It will be the fourth or fifth time that I’ve talked about the process this year, as part of a conscious effort to develop the practice in conversation with other people. I describe this (usually to myself) as ‘thinking in public’ and this blog is another expression of that idea.

Each time I have to present this work, in all its fluid, changing character, I have to think again about what I’m doing, and why. Each person or group implicitly asks me to tell this story in a way that will make most sense to them. French artists engaged in socially aware work will look at it differently from their peers in England.

New questions and responses arise. I learn about my practice by organising its presentation and through those reactions. I’m aware that I’ve not yet written a proper account of the ideas that shape Regular Marvels, but that’s okay, for now. This is an exploration of learning by doing. This site is the journey and the account of the journey. The more formal reflection will come later.

Flyer for this evening is here

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