Mik Godley’s portraits of older artists

Here are Mik Godley’s final portraits, which are reproduced in Winter Fires. They start with photographs I made, in discussion with the people they portray. Mik used these as the basis for his portraits, again in discussion with me and, indirectly, with the sitters. The results are as important a reflection on the experiences described as the text itself: different, certainly, and using their own allusive methods to communicate, but absolutely central to Winter Fires.

The images do not illustrate the text, any more than the text describes the images. They stand alone but the interaction between text and image, which one might metaphorically describe as a dialogue, creates a third kind of understanding: a regular marvel. The book would be much poorer without Mik’s contribution and I’m very grateful for the huge commitment he brought to this process.

For more about these drawings, including a discussion of the process between Mik and myself, see this post.

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