The Light Ships cast off

From ‘Shadow Play’ by William Lindley, Leasingham Church, 3-5 May 2014

‘I feel quite moved that this is happening.’ Mary is the spirit behind ‘Handmade in Moulton’, her village’s arts and crafts festival, and a member of the congregation of All Saints, We were chatting about The Light Ships, the latest regular marvel, which celebrates the parish church as a centre of artistic creation in community life. I couldn’t have hoped for a more generous welcome to this project. Mary will help spread the word and host some conversations over tea when I come back to Moulton next month.

The Light Ships focuses on 14 villages in the Lincolnshire Fenland. It is a commission from Transported, an initiative to encourage the arts in this very distinctive part of the country. It will be more intensive than other regular marvels, which have taken up to three years to complete: this started yesterday and will be completed by the autumn, probably in October.

Its online presence will also be different, with a dedicated website, updated as often as I can manage. The Light Ships blog is separate from the main Regular Marvels site because it is intended as a window onto the art of the churches themselves. Updated as frequently as I can manage, with images and texts from many sources, including Lincolnshire’s museum collections, libraries and archives, it is intended to be an evolving exhibition of the art of these exceptional places. My thoughts on the evolving project – and the occasional re-blogged post – will be posted here as usual.

The Light Ships blog is now live: please follow this link to see the first few snapshots.

Noah's Ark, from the font made by William Tydd in 1719 for Moulton Church at a cost of £7 3s
Noah’s Ark, from the font made by William Tydd in 1719 for Moulton Church at a cost of £7 3s

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