I Remember: Leicester

The books have arrived, and I’m making 12 parcels of authors’ copies and more for people who’ve helped along the way. After the longest and most difficult book I’ve worked on, here is the quickest. It’s also been a delight from start to finish and, as I didn’t write this one, I can say that I’m immensely proud of what the writers have done.

I Remember Leicester will be launched at 5pm on Monday, 3 June, at Attenborough Arts in Leicester. There’s going to be a reading, photos, lots of signing and cake. Do come and support us, if you’re nearby.

I’ll post photos and a longer account of the project (with credits) afterwards. In the meantime, here is what the lovely Ian McMillan says about it:

‘This book is a wonderful example of the power of so-called ‘ordinary’memories; these glimpses of a past become extraordinary and moving and glowing with art when they are written down and presented alongside each other. Here are stories that are personal and local but which become universal when they’re shared. Read and enjoy… then have a go yourself!’

Ian McMillan

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