François Matarasso

Why I do what I do

The Light Ships 1

My writing, research and work in community art rests on the belief that everyone has the right to create art and to share the result, as well as to enjoy and participate in the creations of others. Shaping your own cultural identity – and having it recognised by others – is central to human dignity and growth.If people can’t represent themselves culturally how can they do so in any other way, including politically? If people are only imagined and portrayed by others, how can they be full, free and equal members of society?

And yet, in every society, people’s access to culture is very uneven. Those who identify with dominant cultures have no difficulty creating and promoting their values. Others, passively or actively denied cultural resources, platforms and legitimacy, remain on the margins. My work engages with those issues through research, support for cultural groups and writing.

How my work has developed

I’m a freelance writer, researcher and consultant with a 35 year career in socially engaged arts practice. Between 1979 and 1994, I worked in visual arts, theatre and as a producer, with people in housing estates, hospitals, care centres and prisons.As my interest in the ideas behind this work grew, I became involved with research and its implications. From 1994 to 2003 I undertook a series of studies of arts and culture, often with Comedia, including Use or Ornament? and ending with Only Connect. 

Since 2004, I’ve concentrated on writing, supported by freelance work. Over the years I have worked with all sorts of organisations including public bodies, foundations and universities, but above all with arts organisations whose values I share. I’ve also served on the boards of cultural groups and institutions. My work has been widely published and I’ve been asked to work or speak in many countries. All these experiences have shaped my thinking and practice. In 2010, I began working on a series of creative projects that explore new ways of understanding people’s culture.

Regular Marvels celebrates the richness and diversity of people’s everyday art practice, especially when it is disregarded by power. Three books have been published in the series so far: on  amateur theatreartists in old age and artist’s experiences of migration – all are freely available to download from this website.

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  1. I’m writing a commissioned feature for a-n News about ethical relationships and participatory artists and wonder if it would be possible to arrange a brief Skype/phone interview with you for the piece?

    I’m one of five writers selected for a-n Writers Development programme 2015-16,

    My deadline is Friday, so if you could let me know by Wednesday, that would be great.

    Many thanks

    Manjinder Sidhu

    0793 212 4348

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