Regular marvels

Regular Marvels Five Books

2012 Where We Dream: West Bromwich Operatic Society and the Fine Art of Musical Theatre

The story of a wonderful, but also typical, amateur theatre company that has been thriving since 1937 and the West Midlands town that gives it life: includes a 15 minute film by Ben Wigley. Published by Multistory.

2012 Winter Fires: Art and Agency in Old Age

Explores how the practice of art, whether professional, amateur or occasional can change the experience of aging by strengthening our capacity for agency; with iPad portraits by Mik Godley. Published by the Baring Foundation.

2013 Bread and Salt: Stories of Art and Migration

Draws on the experiences of artists who have migrated to several European countries to ask questions about identity, value and culture’s claimed universalism; with collages by Bill Ming. Published by Vrede van Utrecht.

2014 The Light Ships: Church, Art and Community in the Lincolnshire Fens

Considers the place of the village church as a focus of art, culture and community memory at a time of diminished religious observance; with photographs by François Matarasso. Published by Transported.

2015 A Wider Horizon: Creative Arts East and Rural Touring

Looks at a programme to bring the arts to rural Norfolk and Suffolk, and asks what lessons it has for the arts and the future of community development.; with drawings by Rosie Redzia. Published by Creative Arts East.

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