2021, Wish You Were Here

A online writing project for Boston

In January 2021, I began a 10 week writing project for Writing East. Midlands and Transported. Although the lockdown meant it happened online, it’s for, with and about Boston in Lincolnshire. It was an opportunity for people who live in or near this ancient town to write about some of what they’ve missed, what they care about and what they hope for Boston in future. We met and worked on zoom, a new experience, but one which proved to be surprisingly effective. A genuine intimacy grew in the dark winter nights, lit by flickering screens. Rather to my surprise, we soon had enough material for an unusually strong anthology, which was published by Writing East Midlands, with characteristically wonderful drawings from my old friend Rosie Redzia. And then Boston held its first book festival in September 2021. We were there to present the book, and share a meal together afterwards. A wonderful experience. 

You can order a print copy of the book from Writing East Midlands, or download a PDF from this link

Wish You Were Here (PDF)

Transported wanted to use some of the writing produced in the project as banners that could be put up in Boston, so with Rosie’s help we also produced a banner featuring an extract by each of the writers.