2021, Wish You Were Here

A online writing project for Boston

What a year it’s been… staying home, missing parents and grandkids, familiar places and routines out of reach. At least there’s the phone and the internet – though pen and paper have come in handy too. It’s been natural think on what matters, the people we care for, the way we live – or used to. Some of us just want to get back to normal, but others hope for something else, something better. What will life be like after the pandemic? How might Boston feel, be different?

In January 2021, I’m beginning a 10 week writing project for Writing East. Midlands and Transported. Although the lockdown means it will happen online, it’s for, with and about Boston in Lincolnshire. It’s an opportunity for people who live or work in this ancient town to write about some of what they’ve missed, what they care about and what they hope for Boston in future.